Seating: 300 people, 140 indoors.

The food is homely and the specialities are all typically Tuscan. The menus are chosen according to the fresh produce of the season. A special mention goes to the fresh fish, often caught on fishing expeditions organized by Hotel Ida..

Special dishes: Hot sea dish, Spelt soup served with shrimps and calamaries Maltagliati pasta with olive paté, prawns and asparagus, Scorpion-fish on a sweet fennel base and Lardo di Colonnata (white bacon). Cheese: Pecorino di Pienza - sheep cheese. Charcuterie: The real Lardo di Colonnata. Cakes: Ponzonetto della Ida (ice-cream cake with pineapple and almond) Cantuccini di Prato (home-made almond biscuits) served with Vin Santo. Fixed price. Advanced booking is appreciated.

Gluten-free cooking and pizza !

The restaurant-pizzeria 'Da Pietron'

In addition to our consolidated traditional culinary delights, we have added a new formula to pay tribute to “those forgotten dishes”.

Theme menus

Every Saturday evening live music along with a theme menu to savour the specialities of the antique tradition and homemade bread.


The wine selection is also very neat: the map is full of local, Italian and foreign wines of great interest with more than 60 labels.